NextHome Conference 2018 and True Champions!


NextHome Conference 2018: San Diego

Talk about champions…These are AMAZING women inspiring GREATNESS! Each with their own path, coming together to support each other & now others. #resilence

The reality-documentary series, Push Girls, chronicles the struggles of four sexy, dynamic Hollywood women as they “push” through stereotypes, disappointments and career obstacles faced by the disabled and triumph over tragedy by pursuing new dreams involving motherhood, relationships, athletics and stardom.

Angela Rockwood became a quadriplegic after a car accident shattered her C4–C5 vertebrae and severed her spinal cord. She is an actress, model, producer. In 2001, she married actor Dustin Nguyen on Valentine’s Day, six months before her accident.

Auti Angel was paralyzed in a car accident in 1992. She is a singer, dancer and actress. Auti founded the hip-hop wheelchair dance group Colours ‘n’ Motion in 2003.

Mia Schaikewitz was paralyzed from the waist down at the age of 15 when a blood vessel (arteriovenous malformation) ruptured in her spinal cord. She is athletic and was a champion swimmer before her disability.

Push Girls

How lucky are to have the President of NAR speak?! Her 1st time speaking to a franchise and its with us 🧡🐾. Thank you, NextHome!!


Have you ever heard of Johnny Cupcakes?

“Voted America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur of 2008 by BusinessWeek Magazine — Johnny Cupcakes at age 26 is living proof of the American Dream and continues to be such without compromising ethics, moral, or reputation. Johnny created a multi-million dollar, international, homegrown, unique t-shirt brand at the age of 19 that embraces one’s independence without the use of advertisement and outside venture capital.

His mission is to bring out the kid in everyone &  to inspire and motivate people to do something they’re passionate about all while thinking outside of the box.

San Diego was inspiring, but not as amazing as it would be to help you find your #NextHome2018!

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