FSBO-Proceed At Your Own Risk!

FSBO-Proceed At Your Own Risk. Literally.

FSBO-Proceed At Your Own Risk!

To the average person, selling your home yourself doesn’t sound that hard, right?  I mean, sure, you would have to do a quick neighborhood analysis of recent home sales and determine the asking price, snap a few pics on your iPhone (probably use the Vivid filter), and proudly stick a sign in my yard declaring independence as representing yourself as a FSBO. Oh! Don’t forget posting it to the Name-Your-City Informed Facebook group. Ok. Wait for the phone to ring or email to come in.  Idea! Maybe you should have an open house. Yes! If people come to your home and see it in person, they will for sure fall in love with it! Done!

Man, that took a whole Saturday afternoon for a handful of people, mostly nosey and not qualified to buy, traipsing through your home.  You could have been enjoying with my family, or out looking for my next home. What’s worse? You notice some things were moved in my daughter’s bedroom. Weird, you would never riffle through other people’s stuff at an open house.

Here’s the real deal.

Not only is your home being severely under marketed, your time used inefficiently, but you are letting unqualified strangers into your home. STRANGERS that my not value your space like you think they will.

An experienced realtor has qualified buyers waiting to look at your home but, here’s the issue, it never gets seen on the MLS, a site all licensed realtors use, because FSBO do not have access to it. A brokerage specializing in technology + marketing will analyze factors, has a strategy in place, and will find the right buyer for you home without the hassle, legal ramifications, and possible danger associated with selling.

Let’s say you did get an offer. What then? Is it as much as you could have got with a wider audience? What are the real estate laws that a seller must adhere to?  What inspections need to take place and when?  Is the Title insurance filled correctly?  All mortgage houses are the same, right? What if there is a delay and why is there so much paperwork?!

Suddenly, you feel like you are dependent on people who are not looking out for your best interest. Now what?


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