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Technology and real estate sales have had a complicated relationship. When used right, it can result in an overnight increase in interest for a property. When not, it can result in the use of resources that could better have been applied elsewhere. Virtual tours from just a few years ago worked great in theory, but far too often software didn’t matchup with a variety of user-based browsers, frustrating prospective buyers in the process. But tech has jumped leaps and bounds. Here in 2018, the opportunity to feature your home via digital technology has increased exponentially. The reason? Drones.

Drones have made aerial photography and videography a more tangible concept for Realtors. This has a direct and positive impact on your home-buyer prospects. Today, the Dusty Smith Real Estate Team will provide you with a clear view of how drones can help you sell your home.

5 Reasons Why You Want to Use Aerial Photography to Help Sell Your Property

  1. The Trend is Becoming the Standard

The first word that comes to mind when you hear about a new technology is trend. Will it stick, or is it just another bell and whistle that won’t be around tomorrow? Trust us when we say this – drones are here to stay when it comes to real estate marketing. In fact, in many markets it’s becoming standard practice to use drone imagery for home sales greater than $400,000. A recent National Association of Realtors survey reportsthat nearly 20 percent of Realtors who aren’t already using drones said they plan to use them in the future. Recent data indicates that 39% of all commercial drone use is for real estate. It’s here to stay, and it’s growing by the day. If you want to sell your home or investment property today or in the near future, adoption of this technology will be instrumental in doing so.

  1. Rich Media is Picked Up Online (where your home sells)

Drone imagery is the ultimate in what is considered rich media. Rich media is a digital marketing term for content that includes advanced features such as video and other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content. Search engines (i.e. Google) crawl the web for sites that use rich media and provide it with a better rank (on Google). When it comes to online real estate listings, the same applies. If your listing page includes the use of rich media (drone imagery) it has a better shot at ranking over competing listings (all else equal).

  1. Higher Buyer Conversion Rates

Not only will high-quality imagery help your online listing get viewed more often (up to 94% more!) it converts better to. That means in addition to getting more views, buyers are more likely to take action, which can include contact form completion or to schedule a showing of your home. The data behind this is numerous, ranging from 20% to 86% depending on industry. Real estate most certainly can capitalize on this as a conversion strategy.

  1. The Only Way to Package Your Entire Property Together

You’re not just selling a single-detached home. Your selling an experience. That experience includes the front yard, backyard, tree line, neighborhood, and close-proximity community. You can attempt to force prospective buyers to click through countless of photos, but even if they make the effort, the gallery won’t tie it all together in a manner that conveys what it’s like to reside within (and around) your property. No other form of media can capture it all like 360 degree aerial visuals can. This technology can even be directly applied to virtual reality software that will place prospects right there in (and above) the environment.

Screenshot (107)

  1. It’s Not Just About the Air Up There

Drone technology has evolved for practical use, so much that it can be used indoors. A drone can fly through your home, seamlessly transitioning from room to room. It can capture a pure virtual experience that is the next best thing to actually being there. The result, is a contact from a prospect that is more qualified and closer to the purchase decision.

Ready to take flight on the drone concept when it comes to selling your home? Don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of aerial photography equipment on hand? Not fully versed in the regulations surrounding drone use in the Michigan?

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